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VG Client — Converged Communication Console

VG Client
Designed to streamline front office operations by improving corporate communications, security and company-wide productivity, VoiceGate's VG Client provides ubiquitous access to all traditional and Internet based messaging mediums including: voice mail, fax mail, e-mail, phone, paging and instant messaging from one powerful, easy to use desktop messaging console.

VoiceGate recognizes that as new technologies are implemented and embraced within any corporate setting, pressure on employees to better manage the continuous stream of information coming at them from many different sources and mediums increases exponentially: often reducing productivity.

The VG Client has been designed specifically to help corporations and their employees to better manage and control this enormous flow of information with a few clicks of their mouse: from the office, from home, the road or anywhere in the world for that matter.

Designed to assist in the efficient processing of information, without checking multiple messaging sources, the VG Client increases communication productivity, improves security and empowers employees to deliver more at dramatically reduced cost.

Take Control
VoiceGate Client Desktop / Unified Messaging console delivers performance and ease of operation to users who want complete control over their messaging, network security and call processing services to and from the following mediums:

  • Voice mail
    ....One touch Call back
    ....Live Conversation
    ....Recording External transfer to Cell / Premises Phone
  • E-mail
  • Cross Media Messaging
    ....Voicemail to E-mail
    ....Fax to E-mail (Fax mail)
  • Instant Messaging
    ....Desktop-to-Desktop (Screen Pop)
    ....Desktop to Pocket Pager
    ....Desktop to SMS*
  • Instant Wireless Messaging
    ....Pager Call Alert of Incoming Calls
  • Call Accounting
    ....911 Alarms and Desktop Employee Reports
  • Digital Recorder Announcer
    ....Busy On Hold
  • Screen Capture
    ....LAN LORD Networked Desktop Security
  • Customizable
    ....Interactive Voice Response
  • Find Me Routing
    ....Multiple Cascaded Telephone Devices External Paging
    ....Simultaneous ringing of Cell and Extension (Dual Transfer)

Voicemail Interfaces
Avaya | Comdial | Meridian | Mitel | NEC | Nitsuko | Norstar | Nortel | Panasonic |
Rolm| Samsung| Siemens | Toshiba | Vodavi | WINN

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