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Markham, Canada May 9th, 2003

VoiceGate has ported its popular screen pop feature set to support trunk side Call Logging / Business Voice Recorders.

Introduced to compensate for the lack of data captured and tagged to conversations associated with trunk side logging. Corporations now can glean extensive savings on equipment purchase by installing a trunk side tap only requiring one port for each trunk needed to be monitored. Previously, in order to archive calls and associate them with an extension number, Companies would have to install one port connected with every extension they wished to have monitored: a very expensive option.

With trunk side Screen Pop users enter a DTMF code on their extension prior, during or after a call. Their desktop screen then pops detailing time, date, start time, DTMF generated during the call and there is even an area where users can enter the inbound caller’s name and a comment associated with the conversation.

All data captured or entered is then tagged to the recorded conversation. Administrators can now sort archived recorded conversations by trunk date, name, telephone number, or extension. They can do all this and cut equipment costs by installing one Call Logging / Business Voice Recording port for each trunk, rather than one port for each extension.

Data and recorded conversations can automatically be backed up to a DVR or tape back up for archival and retrieval at a later date : each DVD can save up to 700 hours of recorded conversations per 4GB of storage. "VoiceGate has brought to market a very cost effective way to record/log, archive, store and retrieve all information associated with any call, on any day, into a Company fitted with one of our call logger / business voice recorders", says Peter Moyes, CEO of VoiceGate Corporation. "Station side line tap is more integrated, but our screen pop feature on a truck side tap puts a lot more power in the Agent's hands than previously available".

Versions of the trunk side CTI Voice/Logger will initially be released as an Analog integration (POT) T1 and E1 interfaces will be released Q3 2003.

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For more detailed information regarding the user interface and wiring connections visit