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VoiceGate To Unveil Automated Medication Manager
Patient Telephone Medication Dialing Module Seen as
Revenue Generator for The Patient Care Industry


VoiceGate Corporation proudly announces the latest technological enhancement to its Medical Assistant™ suite of products.

The Medical Assistant is a comprehensive call processing system designed to automate and reduce the recurring costs incurred in Dental/Medical/Long and Short term care facilities associated with keeping in touch with their patients. The Medical Assistant can stand alone or start as a world class voice mail/automated attendant capable of speech enabling Avaya/ Nortel/ Mitel/ Intertel/ Toshiba or Panasonic phone systems standard in most doctor’s or medical offices. Once installed the Medical Assistant can be integrated and connected to most back end Practice Management Systems such as Medical Manager, Sage Software, Emdeon and P and P Data Systems. This interface, with the patient appointment scheduling software, allows medical clinics to automate the booking, confirmation and re-scheduling of appointments in multiple languages.

“Having our Medical Assistant call and confirm or re-book appointments has increased the bottom line in many medical clinics across North America,” says Paul Perryman - President and COO of VoiceGate Corporation.

“The addition of the medication manager further broadens the reach of the Medical Assistant to appeal to Long Term and Facilitated Health Care industry. There is a real need to reduce the amount of time the nursing staff spends verifying patients have taken the appropriate dosage of their medicine. Having the medication manager call, address the patient by name, and ask them to confirm they have indeed taken a required dosage of a specific medicine, up to three times per day will be a huge resource saver for clinics and short term care facilities alike,” says Paul Perryman.

The medication manager also sports VoiceGate’s “Voice Casting” ™ technology where patients can choose to speak to a doctor or the nursing station live, while on the same call, if they are in trouble or simply want clarification on dosages or when to take their prescribed medicine.

VoiceGate envisions that the addition of the medication manager, coupled with the ability to contact and connect the patient and caregiver together in real time, will make it a “must have” for Dental/Doctor/Long and Short term care facilities looking not only to provide a higher touch-point with their patients, but also, to reduce the costs associated with providing this high level of service.

“We are quite excited about how the medication manager will raise the bar between the level of care one facility or clinic can give vs. one with out it.” says Paul Perryman. “Actually, some clinics have told us they plan to use it as a revenue generator and offer automated medication managers as a for-fee service.”

About VoiceGate Corporation
VoiceGate Corporation, founded in 1980 is an innovative leader in the voice processing, call logging, and instant wireless messaging industry.  VoiceGate is a privately owned Canadian Corporation with its head office and design facility located in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  It also has offices in the United States and India.  Sold and supported worldwide, its powerful Integrated Communications Server family of products incorporates leading edge, standards-based modular architecture, open platforms, and years of customer design input.  Working with its partners to deliver “best in class” communications solutions, its product offerings cover virtually all messaging and call processing applications.  From speech enabled voice mail to integrated instant wireless messaging, to call accounting, emergency preparedness telephone dialing engines and voice logging, VoiceGate has a solution to fit the smallest SOHO application to the largest most complicated central office based installations.  VoiceGate’s diverse customer base includes government, medical, ISPs, education, emergency response, military, public safety, utility, transportation, and business industries.

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