Government Compliance

Comply with complex Government regulations by monitoring, logging, archiving and easy retrieval of all voice data transactions.

Reduced Liability
Settle disputes quickly and save on insurance expense by limiting or reducing risk and liability. Fast, accurate capture, archival and retrieval of copies of conversations provide proof of employee or agent transactions with outside callers.

QOS Monitoring
Quality of service increase by improving employee / agent performance. VoiceGate’s Intelligent Line Tap allows Management and Supervisors to monitor and review interactions between its representatives and the outside world. The ability to monitor conversations real-time allows for immediate adjustment and improvement of agent - customer interactions and relations.

Enhance the Customer Experience
Improve customer loyalty and retention and one up the competition by improving customer relations by continually monitoring and modifying how calls and callers are processed and handled during their interaction with your call center.

Maximize Revenue
Enhanced voice data management makes for timely assessment and reduced reaction time to changing markets and early identification of service affecting trends. Timely assessment and reduced reaction time to these trends can impact the bottom line in a very positive way. Beat your competition by using the information captured by VoiceGate’s Intelligent Line Tapping Devices and delivered to you in a timely accurate, easy to use manner. Be pro-active rather than re-active with this powerful management and marketing tool.

Installation in the phone room keeps valuable records safe and tamper-proof. Voice and Data is stored on your VoiceGate server rather than on the Agent’s desktop. The physical connection to the phone system is inaccessible and can’t be easily disconnected from the agent’s handset or PC. Capture every call always. You decide what and when you want to record: not the Agent.

Every Word
Record every part of the conservation. In-bound, out-bound calling and called party’s conversations are stored on the server for future reference in easy to use WAV file format.

Review conversations on the server or desktop using Windows Media Player. Mark Conversations as “reviewed” or previously read. Share files easily via e-mail and an Internet connection.

Every Number
Capture every number dialed and automatically attach it to a particular conversation. Capture set display information* number dialed, incoming number and digits entered during any conversation.

VoiceGate’s Intelligent Line Tap gets it all and automatically tags it to a conversation for easy archival, future retrieval, forwarding and review.
* Phone system development

Every Time
Record all calls always. In-bound and out-bound. Choose a time window for recording or just capture numbers dialed for monitoring line usage review.

Flexible recording criteria allows tracking of opportunities, trends and issues. Capture call duration, start and end time and of calls for quality monitoring and assurance purposes.

Real Time Observation
Monitor agents and callers from anywhere in the World using a touch-tone phone. Multiple supervisors can call in simultaneously, on-re-off site to discretely monitor conversations between their agents and customers.

Set permissions restricting which agents can be monitored real time by which supervisors. Set observations permissions by agent or dialing campaign.

Each transaction monitored real time by a specific supervisor is”booked marked” to that supervisors and can automatically be copied and forwarded anywhere in the World to that specific supervisors e-mail account.